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The Mercland Family



Dad started our family business with his brother Dave back in 1981.

His cheery smile and welcoming demeanour can never be forgotten by all friends and customers who have visited us. Although he left us in 2013, his spirit remains in everything we do.


Operations Executive

After working a lifetime alongside Dad, Mum has now mostly retired from the family business.

However Mum is still around to help with the day to day transportation of cars and general business admin.

Jay Manek


Director Jay Manek is a passionate Mercedes-Benz enthusiast and has a profound understanding of the brand. Jay Manek is a well-known enthusiast of everything Mercedes-Benz related, he has been an active member of the many clubs and societies related to the marque around the world from a very young age.

Prior to founding Mercland, Jay worked at a leading Investment Bank in London for four years, before deciding to convert his lifelong hobby of Mercedes into a full time profession. Jay studied Accounting & Finance at the London School of Economics where he received his Batchelor of Science Degree with Honours. Jay is normally found taking care of the running of Mercland from behind the scenes.

Janki Manek


Janki joined Mercland in 2008 after marrying Jay.

The field is a far cry from the Law degree she worked hard for. Nevertheless Janki has quickly developed a good understanding of the brand and has learnt all about the mechanics of vehicles over the last few years.

Janki will usually be your first point of contact. Janki takes care of the day to day running of the business.

Janki also takes care of general after sales support.

Vishal Manek

Sales Manager

Vishal has grown up around our business and is a serious car enthusiast.

Although he does have a passion for rival brands, we do allow him on site after he repeats the famous slogan “The best or nothing” 3 times, which reminds him that nothing comes close to a Mercedes-Benz.

Vishal is extremely knowledgeable with regards to anything automotive and has many years of experience in this industry.

Rishi Manek

Junior Director

Rishi is an important member of our team.

Rishi loves going for drives different models of Mercedes. He expresses particular interest in the AMG models.

A quick learner, he has hopes of learning all about Mercedes over the next few years.

Rohan Manek

Trainee Junior Director

Rohan is the latest member of our team.

Rohan joined Mercland in June 2014 and has quickly developed a taste for fine Mercedes automobiles.

Some say he was born with an allergy to BMW's.



Brian will often be found at Mercland generally helping out with everything.

Brian has spent a lifetime in the Coal Industry and is now retired. However he likes to be busy and is always around to give everyone a helping hand.

Brian mostly transports cars and he is often found showing customers around the local country lanes on test drives.


Customer Service Executive

Peter has been a friend of the family for many years and helps the Mercland team with all areas of our business during his free time, to ensure a smooth customer experience.

Pete will often be the first voice you hear when telephoning us.

Pete has a lifetimes worth of experience of dealing with clients in a professional and courteous manner. Feel free to pop in or phone us for a chat!

Simmy Gill

Customer Service Executive

Bringing fantastic experience from various facets of the automotive industry, Simmy joined the Mercland Family in 2021 as our Digital Media Executive.

Simmy has a genuine interest in all things Mercedes and an unparalleled attention to detail, important skills requited to for carefully craft our bespoke advertisements.

You may also experience Simmy’s warm welcome as she assists the rest of the team with general queries across all of our communication platforms from phonecalls to email and live chats.

Full of energy and positivity, Simmy is always happy to answer any question you may have!

Estelle Bradley

Customer Service Executive

With a passion for all things automotive, Estelle Bradley joined the fast growing Mercland Team early in 2021 as a Digital Media Executive.

Estelle’s main day to day role is to snap those fantastic, sharp, images of our vehicles and upload them for all of customers to see.

Estelle also looks after our social media pages. Some say she even knows what a hash tag is?! #notabreakfastthingmadeofpotato

Outside of work, Estelle’s passion relates to all things Equestrian. If you need a horse moving around the country, or even internationally, Estelle is the one for you!


Sales Executive

Tony, known to his friends as TJ, is a good friend of the family and is often here at weekends to help with test drives.

TJ is a friendly chap, he loves cars and probably has more general car knowledge than Jeremy Clarkson. Some say he can be found scouring car related websites in his sleep.

If you meet TJ you will quickly learn that he enjoys taking the time to explain our cars in detail. He often knows the stock in better detail than Jay!


Customer Service Assistant

Callum joined the team in early 2019, bringing with him a wealth of varied experience across many industries.

Callum is our all rounder, who spends most of his time dealing with the day to day operation.

Callum can also be found helping out in the workshop, to gain experience and knowledge of all things Mercedes!

Jamie C

Customer Service Executive

Jamie started with us in 2015 as an apprentice after finishing school.

Jamie is young and enthusiastic who is eager to learn about the car business.

Jamie spends most of his time helping run the day to day operation in the office to keep all the gears in our operation running smoothly.


Customer Service

Joseph started with us in 2017 working part time.

Joseph has quickly become a Mercland expert and helps within all parts of our business from Sales to Service.


Senior Sales Executive

Josh started with us in 2015 as an apprentice after finishing school.

Josh has quickly become a multi talented expert within our organsation.

He is just as comfortable helping in the workshop as dealing with customers in a professional and courteous manner.

Josh now works with us part time as he pursues his other personal goals.


Preparation Centre Manager

Manjot now runs our dedicated preparation centre.

Manjot joined us as an apprentice after leaving school in 1998.

Manjot is also a fantastic Mercedes specialist technician and MOT tester.

Manjot is responsible for ensuring the fantastic condition, both cosmetically and mechanically, of all of our vehicles.


Senior Technician

Craig also started with us as an apprentice and has gained various industry qualifications over the years.

Craig has been with us for some years and has quickly grasped the intricacies of the brand.

Craig is now an excellent all round, experienced, technician.

Jamie A

Senior Technician

Jamie started with us in early 2014 as an apprentice towards the end of studying for his qualifications.

Jamie is a young and confident technician. Jamie is now a very experienced and skilled Mercedes specialist. Comfortable with all jobs, Jamie is often found immersed deep into a V8 engine!

Jamie works in a methodical manner and his tools are always polished and shiny, ready for the next task!


MOT Tester & Technician

Sanjay joined us in early 2016, fresh from college, armed with his qualifications to enter the Motor Industry.

Sanjay has become adept at all tasks that come through our doors, from small electrical repairs to major engine work.

Sanjay is normally the first face you will see if you are visiting our service department.


MOT Tester

"Uncle Sam" is our senior MOT tester.

Always sporting a friendly welcoming face, he will be the one to decide if your car is safe for the road.


Senior Technician

Raf joined us in 2019 bringing a vast wealth of experience. He loves all cars and has worked on most makes and models during his varied career in the motor industry.

Raf is a problem solver. He is often the one dealing with the "head scratcher" jobs but is confident with all manner of mechanical and electrical repairs.



Ankit joined us in 2018, as part of the final stages of his college education.

Ankit has quickly become a confident and skilled member of our preparation team. He carries out his work diligently and with is comfortable dealing with all manner of mechanical tasks.

Ankit has stripped and rebuilt many engines, he is a careful and methodical engineer.



Dominic joined us in 2018, as part of his college education.

Dominic has quickly become a confident and skilled member of our preparation team. He carries out his work diligently and with is comfortable dealing with all manner of mechanical tasks.

If you catch him dancing and singing at work, please don’t be alarmed, this is not a medical condition, it is simply his process!



Kumar has been part of our team since 2006 and is our head valeter.

Kumar keeps the cars and the site clean and tidy at all times.

Tony Morrison


Andrejs is a the king of bodywork preparation.

Andrejs brings to work so much energy, we sometimes wonder if he is powered by Jet Fuel.

After cycling to work almost 30 miles each day, he carried out bodywork to the highest of standards. Andrejs is a master of his craft and always brings positivity and never ending vivacity.

Andrejs Lipsbergs


Ben is our in house bodywork technician. He came to us with a wealth of experience in the bodywork world.

Ben is confident in carryout out all manner of bodywork repairs.

Ben R


Ben is our in house bodywork technician. He came to us with a wealth of experience in the bodywork world.

Ben is confident in carryout out all manner of bodywork repairs.

Ben L


"Little Ben" is our bodywork preparation and finishing master! He helps gets the cars prepared for "Big Ben" and Tim and once painted he will ensure a nice deep glossy shine with the aid of his polisher!



Kane is the best at his specialism, some would say "wheely good".

Kane has been our main sub contractor for alloy wheel repairs since 2008.

Kane will ensure that all of our cars have lovely clean alloy wheels.


Specialist Valeting

Aiden is one of our key approved sub contractors.

Aiden takes care of any deep valeting or polishing requirements.

Aiden will tackle anything from stained seats to a full detail with ceramic protection. Aiden can be found polishing away late into the evening most days of the week!


Dent Removal Expert

Dents are a reality in the modern day and age. However eagle eyed Gary ensures our stock all has perfectly straight panels with no imperfections.



Richard is our specialist trimmer and ensures that none of our cars have marks or tears in the seats or upholstery.

Modern leather can often become creased or split, but this is no challenge at all for our Richard. Some say he can throw in a double stitched seam with his eyes closed and hands tied behind his back!


Windscreen Repairs

"Jit" is a master of windscreens! He comes in and checks all of our cars don’t have any marks or chips on the windscreens. If they do, they are quickly rectified.

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