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Mercedes C220 CDI

Good morning Jay

We are very pleased with the new car and would like to thank you and all your staff for making this purchase a very good experience.

I Houldsworth


E280 CDI Sport Estate

Good Morning Jay.

I hope you are well? I have been delighted with my new car.

I have completed approximately 1500 miles since it was delivered to me on 13th March.

It runs lovely and you have successfully sorted out the initial problem that occurred.

I am most-impressed with your service and the support you provided in the few days after my purchase.

Your after-sales service is as good as your reputation ..... Which is why I came to you for a car in the first place.

I will be happy to recommend Mercland to friends and colleagues following my experience.

Thanks and Best Regards.

J Coates



Mark E220!

I was looking to change my Volkswagen Jetta TDI saloon and upgrade for something bigger and faster, I had been looking on Autotrader, Exchangeandmart, Ebay, CarGiant, Gumtree etc..for roughly a period of 6 months or so..One evening I was looking on Autotrader I spotted a lovely looking Mercedes E220 CDI avant-garde 2008. This was not initially my first choice as it’s a big car but the description of the car sounded very good, colour was nice, price was good, car sounded too good to be true in fact, especially as in the past I had experienced car dealers who would say just what you wanted to hear just to sell the car and take your money. Parkers and AutoCar gave some very good reviews about the Mercedes E220, so, I felt I had to see this car as it described just what I wanted in a car, space, full service history, 1 owner, satnav, Bluetooth, and reliability. I called the dealer and spoke to Jay, he said the car had just come into the garage and had not been prepared yet, that was on the Tuesday, I asked when the car would be ready for viewing with a possible PX with my Volkswagen jetta. He asked for my car details and ran a check of the PX for my jetta and gave me a price for my car not having seen the car yet. He advised the Mercedes would be ready for viewing on Thursday. I confirmed with him that I would come and see the car for Thursday. On the day I travelled 98miles to look at the car. When I arrived in Coventry and saw where the garage was located at first I had some apprehensions as it did not look like a “prestigious” dealership from the front, however as I had driven nearly 100 miles I proceeded to the rear of the dealership and to my surprise there was the car I saw on Autotrader in immaculate condition looked exactly as the picture, along with this car there were many other types of Mercedes cars at various prices and ages on display. I parked my car and went straight over to the car I planned to view. I was greeted by a gentleman called Brian. I asked for Jay but he was not in the office yet. I mentioned to Brian that I had spoken to Jay and arranged to look at the Mercedes with a view to PX my jetta. Brian then went to the office and came back with the key and opened all the doors, boot and bonnet so I could give the car a good look over, the car in my opinion matched the description write-up on Autotrader upto 95%, when I looked over the car I did notice that the front brake pads were a bit low and pointed this out. Overall the car looked in perfect condition. I was given the key started the engine everything sounded very good e.g. no blue smoke from the exhaust e.t.c , everything was looking good so far. I took the car for a test drive and came back to the office and purchased the car! The transaction was the smoothest I have ever experienced in all the years of buying cars. I was given a very good PX exchange price for my Jetta and the Merc was reasonably price for a 6 year old car with 1 previous owner and full Mercedes Benz service history. I took my time to clear out all my stuff from my now old car and became the proud owner of a “new” Mercedes-Benz. As part of their service the car was put through an MOT before being released, as I said earlier in this write-up I had pointed out that the front brakes were low and this was picked up in the MOT and rectified. There was nothing else that need changing on the car!! The car was driven onto the forecourt for me where I was met by Brian and Vijay (I think that was his name, can’t remember) Vijay asked my for my Mobile phone and proceeded to synchronise it with the Bluetooth without me asking!! Which I thought was very nice of him.. I have taken the time to provide so much detail, as this was my experience dealing with to me they are not only just selling cars, but create a welcoming friendly atmosphere there was no hard sell, you buy the car if you want it, the car I bought had quite a lot of interest, they would not take a deposit for the car but it a first come first server basis to be fair, I was glad I was forst on the scene because if I had waited until the weekend I’m sure I would have missed out on a great deal. I was even offered tea and coffee while the car was being MOT’d I was even offered some chocolates to celebrate the birth of Jay’s new baby, by staff as I watched my car being MOT’d, I was made to feel very welcome. The quality of the cars on display was very reassuring you are made to feel like you are dealing with a company that provides good quality cars with great customer service. The whole experience was virtually stressed free, I was given all the paper work that accompanied the Mercedes, I was also given as part of the package 3 months complimentary RAC breakdown cover and 6 months warranty. On the way home I realised that I had forgotten a very important car park windscreen pass on my old car. I phoned the office and asked if they could find it, they found it and posted it to my address along with the Complimentary breakdown cover and warranty. Would I recommend them if your looking to buy a second hand Mercedes. DEFINITELY YES.


Hi Jay – just a quick note to say thank you for speedily resolving the two minor issues I had with the vehicle I purchased from you, its a pleasure to deal with an honest and responsible company. Both my wife and I are extremely pleased with the vehicle and would have no doubts about dealing with you again when we next decide to change our vehicle.

 I would also be very pleased to act as a customer reference should you ever require it.

 Thanks again 

Ken Bowen